Sunday, August 26, 2012

What is life?

Life is a mystery, it's misery, it's a game, a puzzle, a chance at something great. A chance to change everything. Life is the force that keeps us going, the reason we search for pain in every corner. The reason we risk love. Life is not just some word, it's the meaning of everything. It's the answer to every question. As you read this think about your own life, all the mistakes you've made, all the people you've hurt and for what? To be in with the crowd? To fit in somewhere? Your life is worth more than just something and much more than everything. You have a purpose, as we all do. You've met people who have made you smile, who have made you angry, who have made you laugh, and love. Each of them was worth it. They all had a reason for being in your life. Whatever it is that you're going through, you will get through it. No matter the problem or the reasons why, you will. Look towards your friends, your real friends, who talk to to you about anything and everything, don't lose them in the mass confusion that is life. The chaos of life is one that flies by without asking, it sweeps you off your feet without warning, it can destroy the ones you love without mercy. Grab life by the reigns, don't let it force you, work with it. Tell the people you love that you love them, as often as possible. Let everyone in your life know you care for them, give each one a helping hand in the right direction. As for those of you who can honestly read this and laugh at it, as if you would know what life even is. Just think about it with an open mind. I care for all, even those who don't deserve it. How hard can it be to care? If you were faced with the choice of caring today or dying tomorrow, which would you choose?

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